Transfer Stamps

Village ordinance requires the seller of property located within the Village limits purchase transfer stamps. These stamps are required for the seller to transfer that properly to a new owner, and for a new deed to be recorded. Whether a transfer is exempt or non-exempt, any monies due to the Village must be paid prior to the transfer. When the ownership of a property is changing without a change of occupancy inspection, please provide a signed and notarized Buyer Letter.  

Purchasing a transfer stamp

To purchase transfer stamps, you will need to fill out a Transfer Declaration Form. The Building Department will verify the information on the Transfer Declaration Form. The original form is required. A copy of the signed and dated sales contract is required when purchasing transfer stamps. Stamps are generally purchased by the seller a day or two before the closing is scheduled.

The Information Needed includes:

  • address of the property being sold
  • property index number (the tax ID number)
  • type of deed you are conveying to a new owner (warranty, special warranty, trust, deed, quit claim, etc.)
  • name and current address of both buyer and seller
  • seller’s signature (seller’s agent or attorney may sign for the seller) The fee is based on $5.00 per $1,000 of the purchase price. (Effective 8-15-95)

To process an exempt stamp, please provide:

  • the original, fully executed deed
  • the deed must have an exemption clause, listing the paragraph and section number of the Property Tax Code as to why the transaction is exempt
  • the completed original Village of Park Forest Transfer Declaration Form
  • notarized grantor/grantee statement
  • $15 processing fee (effective 1-1-2000)
  • exemption fee may be paid by cash, credit card, or check