Sanitary Sewer System

The Public Works Department operates and maintains 68 miles of public sanitary sewer mains along with four lift stations, and an excess flow facility. The village sanitary sewer system is divided into three subsystems, The North, Central, and South systems. Each of these areas flow to separate trunk sewers where the wastewater is then conveyed to Thorn Creek Basin Sanitary District for treatment.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the public portion of the sanitary sewer system, which consists of the public mains, lift stations and other appurtenances.  Home and business owners are responsible for the private portion of the sanitary sewer system, which consists of the building drain pipe, up to and including, the connection to the public main.   Village maintenance is accomplished by routine sewer cleaning, sewer televising, sewer replacement, sewer lining, and system control.  Home and business maintenance is accomplished by building drain rodding/cleaning/televising if needed, build drain repair/replacement, and disposal of proper materials/items through the building drain to the public main.  Improper disposal can lead to private and public system sewer back ups resulting in health, environmental, and safety concerns, clean up costs, damage to property, costly repairs, IEPA reporting and possible fines.  For information on what NOT to flush down your sanitary drain, click here.

If your home or business is experiencing a sanitary sewer back up, call Public Works at 708-503-7702 to report it.  DPW will inspect the public main for possible back ups and clean accordingly.  If the public main is functioning properly, DPW will notify you and recommend you call a licensed plumber to inspect and rod/clean your building drain.

Home and business owners that need to repair a private sanitary sewer drain/line or desire to install an outside sewer clean-out on private property need to apply for a sanitary sewer permit. Please see below for the requirements to obtain a permit:

  • Contractors need to be licensed to work within the Village of Park Forest.
  • Submittal of a copy of the Contractor's proposal with the homeowner/property owner's signature.
  • Fee of $60.00 to be paid to the Village of Park Forest upon permit application submittal.

Please click on the link below for the sanitary sewer application:

Sanitary Sewer Permit

When work is complete and before backfillng the trench, call the Public Works Dept at 708-503-7702 for a Final Installation Inspection.  Staff will inspect for proper installation in accordance with permit requirements.