Safety Information

Fire! In your home? No, that is what most of us think. But what if a fire did start in your home? Would you and your family know what to do to get out safely?

And what about severe weather? Would you know what to do during a tornado? Or during a severe snowstorm?

The Fire Department would like to remind everyone that fire never takes a holiday. We must strive to make fire safety an important part of everyday life. Thousands of lives are lost each year in home fires. Knowing what to do in an emergency is the first step toward saving lives.

To the left are links to information and safety tips for a number of different topics. Please take a minute to review them so you know how to react properly in a fire or other emergency situation.

 Is Your Number Up?

Help us help you! Emergency personnel need to find your home quickly in an emergency which is difficult if your home or business address numbers are not properly posted. Response time is crucial; seconds lost can mean the difference between life and death. Clearly posted house numbers can save precious time should an emergency occur.

Address numbers should be posted where they are easily visible from the street. Address numbers should be of a sufficient height (at least 4”) and contrasting color to the background on which they are mounted and should be clearly visible in daylight or darkness from the adjacent street, walkway, or parking lot.