Solar Power

Solar helps you save money and save the planet!

Park Forest fully supports you going solar!

We’ve been recognized with a SolSmart Gold award for our solar ordinances, which make it easy and fast to get official permission to install solar panels. 

Getting Started with Solar

First, do some research to figure out what type, size, and financing method is best for you. Here are some helpful resources:

In order to make sure you’re getting the maximum environmental and financial benefit, we suggest getting a free energy assessment by ComEd before you solicit any bids for solar installation. They’ll make sure that your house is running as efficiently as possible and install any needed upgrades (often completely for free!) so you can get a solar array that’s the right size for your needs.

Finding an Installer

When you’re ready to get bids for your project, you can do it through EnergySage or you can reach out directly to companies. Here are some that have worked in Park Forest in the past.

This is not an endorsement of any of these companies, we’re just aware of work they’ve done in the Village.

When You’re Up and Running

Please send us a photo or little blurb about your panels! We’d love to hear about your experience and the specifications of your system. You can send information to

If Your House Isn’t Optimal for Rooftop Solar

If your house is too shady, your roof is too old, or your house isn’t oriented south, you can join a community solar farm! Community solar provides all of the benefits of having solar on your house without having to actually install anything. 

Learn more about community solar here. Most community solar programs guarantee savings of 20% off of the ComEd rate.

If you fit the income requirements for Illinois Solar for All (check here), you might be eligible for reduced-cost community solar!