New Police Officer Candidates

See Yourself In Service at the Park Forest Police Department

Start your law enforcement career at a well-respected, highly professional police department 

The Village of Park Forest is regarded as a regional leader in policing. JoRyskiin a modern, community-oriented police department, and add tremendous experience to your resume. The Park Forest Police Department has a long history of officers who serve the community with distinction for years and ultimately retire from the same department they began their career with. Throughout your career with the Park Forest Police Department, you'll enjoy opportunities for advancement and specialization.

Starting salary 


Excellent benefits 

The Village of Park Forest provides the following benefits to its officers:

  • Illinois’ pension plan
  • An additional, optional deferred compensation retirement savings plan
  • Village paid Life insurance equal to one year's salary
  • Medical and dental insurance, with either 75% or 80% of the cost paid for by the Village
  • Tuition assistance is available
  • Ability to accrue compensatory time in lieu of overtime in most situations at their discretion 
  • Patrol officers work 12-hour shifts, providing ample days off of work