Parkway Tree Cost Share Program

The Recreation & Parks Department offers a tree cost share program to plant trees in residential parkways. You are welcome to apply to replace trees removed due to disease or hazardous condition or simply if you would like a tree in the parkway. The type of tree is up to you, within reason: species selection and planting locations are dependent on parkway size and the location of utilities. Trees that may not be planted include weak wooded species such as Silver Maple and Siberian Elm or anything not suited to parkway or suburban conditions. We also strongly recommend planting native trees.

The program is very simple: residents and the Village split the cost of the tree, with residents paying $125. After the Village and the resident  agree on a tree species, the Village will purchase and plant the tree. The resident assumes the watering of the tree for the first few years of establishment. The Village will assume the long term care for the tree. 

Stop by Recreation & Parks at Village Hall to discuss the program and purchase your new parkway tree.

Reasons to support our trees:

Trees provide the obvious benefits of shade and beauty as well as some very real environmental benefits. The Morton Arboretum recently conducted a region wide survey to determine the state of our regional forest. The results of this survey were published as The Regional Tree Census. This comprehensive study estimated the structural compensatory value of the Chicago land urban forest at $51.2 billion. A more detailed breakdown of the value of the Chicago regional forest gives annual functional values of $14 million for carbon sequestration; $205 million for pollution removal; and $4 million for reduced energy costs. This significant resource deserves our attention and support.