LEED for Cities and Communities and SolSmart Certification Process

Every year, the Village of Park Forest analyzes our progress on our Climate Action and Resiliency Plan and updates two monitoring organizations: the US Green Building Council, who gives LEED certifications, and the Department of Energy's SolSmart program (STAR Communities merged with LEED in Summer 2019). While the Village received recognition in 2019 as a LEED Certified City, we will continue to track metrics and try to receive a Platinum Rating during its next evaluation. 

Here are the certifications we currently have. The re-certification process can take several years. We're committed to increasing our standing each cycle.

LEED Certified | LEED for Cities and Communities (2019)

4-STAR Community Rating | STAR Communities (2019) 

Our STAR rating will be folded into our next LEED certification.

SolSmart Gold | SolSmart (2018)