Green Living Tips

Here are some outside resources that we think are useful.

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ComEd provides inspiration, incentives, rebates, and tools for all kinds of energy efficiency


This guide suggests energy efficient products and ways tPossio make your home more energy


A one-stop shop for solar installations from introductory information or ready to getting bids from local


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Zero Waste Home

Get tips on how to minimize waste and save money from this

Homewood Disposal

Our local waste hauler provides great resources to teach waste management to people of all 


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Imperfect Foods

Get groceries up to half off while saving perfectly good food from the

Sustainable America

Learn and spread the word about food recovery, eating local, and preventing food waste through beautiful printable 

Seven Generations Ahead

This Chicagoland nonprofit helps schools, events, and businesses conserve food and start

Home and Garden

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Possibility Place

This local business specializes in beautiful, pollinator-friendly plants native to Northern


Check out this guide for easy recipes to make all natural, earth friendly, nontoxic cleaning

U of I Extension

Get free home care tips, landscaping guides, and gardening advice from the University of

Roots to Grow Gardens

Roots to Grow is a volunteer-run, registered non-profit founded with the mission of promoting and sustaining community and school gardens in Park Forest, Illinois.


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Eco Friendly Financing & Savings

A guide and overview to environmentally friendly financing options 

Environmentally Friendly Banks

A search engine for environmentally friendly banks

Green Credit Cards

A list of some eco-friendly credit cards