Katherine "Katie" Armstrong Sustainability Award

Every year the Environment Commission awards Park Foresters for their outstanding achievements in environmental sustainability. Below are the past recipients of the Katherine "Katie" Armstrong Sustainability Award. Keep up the great work!

View a list of previous winners below


  • Mark and Ellen Shepard (Resident)
  • Dennis and Magda Condon (Cooperative)
  • Michelle and Rick Hoffer (Community Garden)


  • Georgia Eldeib (Community Garden)
  • Serenity's Place (Business)
  • St. Irenaeus (Church)
  • Sam and Sandra Slone (Resident)
  • Sandra Spann (Resident)
  • Lyne Huntley (Resident)


  • Alicia Johnson (Community Garden)
  • Francesa Wessely (Co-Op)
  • Bill Maune (Co-Op)
  • Rhonda Johnson (Resident)
  • Esther Muchiri (Resident)


  • Victor Blackful (Community Garden)
  • St. Irenaeus  (Business)
  • Hugo Rodriguez (Resident)