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October 16, 2020

Now through Nov. 4

Hydrants are flushed to ensure that water does not stagnate in the system. During flushing, you may have a disruption in your water service and your water may become discolored from iron (rust) in the pipes. There are no known health risks associated with consuming discolored water caused from iron (rust) in the pipes, but Public Works recommends that you refrain from using discolored water until it runs clear. It is recommended that you DO NOT wash clothes when your area is being flushed. If your laundry becomes discolored, keep the items wet and pick-up a free bottle of Red-B-Gone at Village Hall.

Blue Hydrant Flushing signs will be placed throughout neighborhoods to alert you of when an area is to be flushed. Flushing begins at the Water Treatment Plant (79 Park St - near intersection of Water St and Park St) and proceeds outward. Crews usually progress towards the north part of the Village first and once complete, crews progress south.

Keep up with the progress of crews as they work through the Village by viewing the progression map below to best determine when your area will be flushed, or call 708-503-7702.

Find out if hydrant flushing has been completed in your area, or when to expect it, by visiting the interactive Hydrant Flushing Map at

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