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350 Victory Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466
Ph: 708-748-1112
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1. How can I pay a parking ticket?
2. How do I pay a traffic ticket?
3. How do I change a court date for a traffic ticket?
4. I feel that I was treated unfairly by an officer. How do I make a complaint?
5. Why didn’t the officer read me my rights?
6. What time is curfew in Park Forest?
7. Does the Police Department remove wild animals from my home?
8. How many animals can I have in my home?
9. Are my pets required to have animal licenses?

Recycling in Park Forest - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is there an additional charge to have your recyclables collected?
2. When is recycling picked up?
3. What items are recyclable?
4. What items are not recyclable?
5. Do you need to sort recyclable items?
6. Should you leave caps on containers or remove them?
7. Are pizza boxes recyclable?
8. Is shredded paper okay to put in a recycling bin?
9. Do items need to be rinsed first?
10. How can electronic items be disposed of/recycled?


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1. Where does the Village of Park Forest get its water?
2. Does the Village of Park Forest test for lead?
3. How likely are Park Forest residents to be at risk from lead in their drinking water?
4. How does lead get into drinking water?
5. What does the Village of Park Forest do to prevent elevated lead levels?
6. What are the chances the Village’s old water mains are adding lead to the drinking water supply?
7. Do water main breaks or construction increase lead levels
8. What would be the most likely source of lead in my home’s tap water?
9. If my home has a lead service line, can it be replaced?
10. Should I test my drinking water for lead?
11. What are the health effects of lead in drinking water?
12. What measures can I take to reduce the lead in my home’s drinking water?
13. Where can I find more information?