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Park Forest Oscar Awards Nominations 2024

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    Get ready to give your favorites the spotlight they deserve! We're about to celebrate 75 years of the Village of Park Forest, and we want to hear the juiciest tales about your community legends. Think about the moments that make them special, the stories that make your heart sing, and the amazing work they've done. We're talking about the kind of stuff that could bring a tear to your eye, or make you jump up and cheer! 

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    Community Advocate Award - A Park Forest business that reaches out to students within the community by creating learning opportunities and investing in their higher education through scholarships.

    Pioneer Award - Resident who has lived and served actively in Park Forest for 20 or more years.

    Volunteer Extraordinaire Award - A Park Forest volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding civic leadership.

    Excellence in Education Award - A Park Forest teacher who provides innovative teaching techniques and empowerment through education. 

    Outstanding Student Award - A Park Forest student who demonstrates an eagerness to learn and contributes to their school and community.

    Government Award - An elected civic leader of Park Forest who has made outstanding contributions to local government.

    Beyond the Call of Duty Award - A Firefighter or Police Officer who serves Park Forest beyond what their title requires.

    Making a Difference Award - A community member who has implemented an idea or created a program that has made an impact in Park Forest.

    Laugh Out Loud Award - A comical person known to make the people of Park Forest laugh.

    Cultural Arts Award - Group that integrates both art and culture to enrich the community of Park Forest.

    Village Favorite Award - Village of Park Forest employee who demonstrates friendliness and excellence in customer service.

    Most Active Church Award - An active church in Park Forest that recognizes the need of the community and selflessly serves.

    Best Customer Service Award - A business in Park Forest that puts customers first and consistently provides top notch service.

    Timeless Artist Award - A Park Forest artist who cultivates their creativity into profound art through dance, and instrumental.

    Local Historian Award - A member of the community who demonstrates a passion for Park Forest History and enthusiasm to inform others of all things Park Forest.

    Spoken Word Award - A Park Forest poet who uses their words to provide meaningful and thought-provoking messages.

    Stellar Voice Award - A Park Forest resident who is gifted with a beautiful singing voice.

    People’s Choice Award - This category includes anything that does not fall under any of the other categories that you feel is worthy of recognition.

    Community ESPY Award (Sports) - A Park Forest resident who has shown excellence in their sports performance.

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