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Rain Garden Incentive Program Application

  1. Rain Garden Incentive Program Application
    The Village of Park Forest is offering Park Forest property owners the opportunity to apply for reimbursement of half the cost for plants and/or compost used for the construction of a rain garden, up to $500. To be considered eligible for this funding, applicants must be owners of the property or have permission from the property owner(s). More than one rain garden per parcel may be installed, but the total reimbursement will not exceed $500 per residence. We recommended that the total area of the rain gardens to be around 100 square feet. Adjoining properties can apply together to increase the rain garden area. A bonus of 10 percent of reimbursement will be given to group applications. The selected applicants must commit to keeping the rain garden on the property and maintaining it for five years. A general overview of the project describing the existing conditions of the site with pictures, plans or a map of the residential lot is required. Applicants must pay for project costs upfront. Invoices and supporting documentation for eligible costs are then submitted to the Village for reimbursement.
  2. Park Forest Growing Green
  3. Resources
    Guidance for designing and building a rain garden can be found on the Village of Park Forest Rain Garden page on the Village website. Also, the Village will provide workshops on how to create and sustain rain gardens. Check the Village website for details. Need Assistance? If you need assistance with your application, please contact: Carrie Malfeo Sustainability Coordinator
  4. How to Apply
    Submit the written part of the application through this form. Please send the images, including the site sketch and “before” photos, and either by email or in person. Email to: Mail or deliver to: 226 Forest Boulevard, Park Forest, Illinois, 60466
  5. Note: if you are renting this property, the owner of the property must either submit this application or email a letter of approval of the project.
  6. If different from Rain Garden Address
  7. Are you applying as a group?*
  8. How did you hear about the Rain Garden Incentive Program?*
  9. Have you attended any rain garden workshops or lectures?*
  10. Do you have any area(s) of ponding water on your property?*
  11. Are there obvious signs of stormwater running off the property(s)?*
  12. Can be approximate.
  13. The rain garden is:*
  14. Maintenance Plan*
    Rain gardens need weeding, watering, and mulching to preserve their health and function. At a minimum, you will need to cut or pull dead vegetation each spring and weed it 2 to 3 times per growing season. Check the box that fits your maintenance plan:
  15. Do you plan to collect water from impervious surfaces like roofs or pavement?*
  16. What impervious areas do you plan to capture water from?*
    Check all that apply.
  17. Rain garden area and depth should be based upon the size of the drainage area you intend to serve.
  18. Must be a minimum of 10 feet
  19. Must be a minimum of 10 ft.
  20. Submitting Your Application
    Please email or mail a design sketch and site photos to Carrie Malfeo at or the Sustainability Office at 226 Forest Blvd.
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